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RoboCup Rescue

The RoboCupRescue Robot League is an international league of teams with one objective: Develop and demonstrate advanced robotic capabilities for emergency responders using annual competitions to evaluate, and teaching camps to disseminate, best-in-class robotic solutions.

The league hosts annual competitions to 1) increase awareness of the challenges involved in deploying robots for emergency response applications such as urban search and rescue and bomb disposal, 2) provide objective performance evaluations of mobile robots operating in complex yet repeatable environments, and 3) promote collaboration between researchers. Robot teams demonstrate their capabilities in mobility, sensory perception, localization and mapping, mobile manipulation, practical operator interfaces, and assistive autonomous behaviors to improve remote operator performance and/or robot survivability while searching for simulated victims in a maze of terrains and challenges.

Competition Vision
When disaster happens, minimize risk to search and rescue personnel while increasing victim survival rates by fielding teams of collaborative mobile robots which enable human rescuers to quickly locate and extract victims. Specific robotic capabilities encouraged in the competition include the following:

Negotiate compromised and collapsed structures
Locate victims and ascertain their conditions
Produce practical sensor maps of the environment
Establish communications with victims
Deliver fluids, nourishment, medicines
Place sensors to identify/monitor hazards
Mark or identify best paths to victims
Provide structural shoring for responders

CAD files
Project Duration :

5 Years

Project Name :

RoboCup Real Teleoperation Rescue robot